Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

Onepiece of Death

After having annoyed you long enough with incoherent post titles, taken from text lines of more or less un-/well-known (?) songs, there's finally one with some more context. Did I mention I'm normally completely unable in finding good names, describtions, titles...? Ok, I stop talking about such nonrelevant things, ok?
What I actually wantet to tell you, is where the post title comes from. Do you know the Nicht Lustig comics? I love them, since they reflect perfectly my humor (I guess thats why most people can't really handle with it), and one of the charcters is the Pudel des Todes
Isn't it sweet?
So, now we go for the actual thing I show you. I've been sewing (how surprising!), so let's start at the beginning. These werde the fabrics I used:
The black one must be some kind of mixture of synthetics and maybe something else, probably wool. It's sightly elastic and a bit scratchy. The pink one is more a baby pink, not as bright as in the picture, and definitley synthetic.
This time, I made a new lolita item: a Onepiece or Op. A Op is a dress which encloses sleeves, so it's nort necessary to wear a blouse unterneath it, compared to the jsk. Like this, you don't need a fitting blouse, but on the other side, you're more limited in your coordintaions, but you still can change the look with accessoires.
I named mine Op of death, because I had to make so many ruffles I almost went crazy. I wish I had a shirring foot for my sewing machine. Is there someone out there who has some money left?
Anyway, this is how it turned out: Aren't these buttons extremely qute? i was so lucky they went perfectly with the pink fabric, as I didn't buy them together, but the colour is the very same.
I sewed some bows to the hem, unfortunately they are a bit invisible. Maybe I should have made them a bit bigger? Side:

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  1. Awwwwwwww, du machst immer so schöne Sachen, werd doch bitte meine Hausschneiderin *_*