Samstag, 20. November 2010

No one cares about your reflexion in the mirror

Recently, I started getting more and more interested in photography. Since there aren't many people around me who are willing being my guinea pigs, ehm, no, models, I had a try in landscape photography:
In this picture, I love especially the sky and how it's reflected in the water on the ground.
Water, again. In think this is my favourite one.
And some water for the third time.
I took a lot more pictures, of course, but I didn't want to overstrech the nerves of my lovely readers.^^
What do you think, do you want to see more? Or am I totally untalented and it would be better for everyone if I didn't touch a camera again in my life?


  1. Du, ich kann diesen Hype uns Fotografieren gar nicht wirklich verstehen. Wenn es dir Spaß macht, dann tu es einfach! :)
    Verstehe nicht, warum man dazu jetzt plötzlich Profi sein muss ;)

    Ich mag das 2. Bild! :>

  2. Na, weisst du, ich habe einfach noch nicht genug hobbys xD
    danke dir <3

  3. Puh, ich hab schon die ganze Zeit gezittert, dass du mich wohlmöglich falsch verstehst xDDD <- das kommt sogar im Brief vor xD