Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Kiss The Demons Out Of My Dreams

I hope I'll get some better titels for my posts soon...
Anyway, last night I was out with my sister, we went to the cinema and watched Goethe!. The film was okay, very pathetic, quite funny sometimes, and of course I wanted to see it because of the costumes. They were made really great, as it takes place more in under class, they naturally weren't very expensive. But I liked it (and I shoud stop putting on eye make up for the cinema *sigh* or at least get some waterproof mascara...)
I haven't had the time to dress up in Lolita recently, so I did yesterday. I wore my black skirt and my new bow tie blouse.
I'm sorry for the blurry picture, I'm thinking about getting a better camera, as I like photographing, too. So here we go with a close up:
Here, I'm sorry for the stupid facial expression. But you can see the bow better (and a bit of my cute anchor earrings <3)

And these are my new shoes. I really didn't want to buy another pair of shoes, but then I noticed that I don't have any black winter boots (women, you know...) and the I fell in love with these darlings. Actually, I wanted some without heels, but I just couldn't resist... Oh, and they're pretty warm, so I probably won't wear them again for going to the cinema...


  1. Yey die Kommis gehen wieder!

    Unglaublich süß siehst du aus ^^

    Und solche Stiefel hätte ich auch gerne!

    Und ich wusste garnicht, dass du ein Piercing trägst :)

  2. Where did you get those boots? I lvoe them XD