Samstag, 6. November 2010

Candy Corset

As promised, here we go with my newest corset. It's quite (ok, veeeeery) untypical for me, don't ask me where I got the inspitation for this. But I post it here, even if I'm definitively going to lose my credibility.
It's made out of some fabric of which I have no idea what it could content. It's like denim with some Lurex yarns...To make it more cheesy than necessary, I added lots of velvet ribbons, satin bows and some ornament lacing. You even get the privileg seeing me wearing it. As it's quite new, I couldn't tie it too tight already.
Because there was some fabric left in the end, I made some bloomers out of it. Aren't they cute? Well, I think I won't wear them with the corset, it looks more like a clown. But as a pyjama maybe...


  1. Aaaaah, Korsett! *_* *liebe*

    Du musst mir unbedingt sagen, nach welchem Schnitt du arbeitest xD

  2. wow! also ich bin echt sprachlos! ein hammergeiles korsett! sieht aus wie sone rosa zuckerstange^^ aber im positiven gemeint!