Samstag, 27. November 2010

Advent, Advent, das Schulhaus brennt

Tomorrow is 1. Advent, and then it isn't even a month to christmas! Did i already mention I love christmas? Oh, I do! I can't understand the people who moan non-stop about all the stress they have in december. Why? I mean, finding presents for the ones you love is such a lovely task! If you don't want to be stressed, just don't let you be stressed. Have a cup of tea or hot chocolate, light some candles and read a good book or watch the snow falling outside. What could be cosier?


  1. Oh, ich habe gerade einen riesigen Unterschied zwischen uns beiden entdeckt xD

  2. Hm, ich rate mal und sage, dass es etwas mit Weihnachten zu tun hat^^