Montag, 1. November 2010

Nice To Meet You

Hi my dears,
I've decided to write my blog in Engllish from now on. Like this, I'll hopefully have more readers and then I'll take the world domination, muahahaha.
Ehm, actually, this was a joke, I hope you got this. The main reason why I do this is to upgrade my English and enlarge my vocabulary. After all, I'll have an exam for the CAE, an international English test, in march, which you need to study abroad at English spoken universities and which I'll hopefully pass. So I need a lot of practise, and why not practise writing here?
I hope you're not too sad or angry about it and keep reading my blog aswell (world domination, remember? ;) ) If you find a mistake, you can keep it or tell me about it, so I'll learn something.
So then, you'd like to accompany me in this new era of blogging...?

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