Montag, 29. November 2010

Winter Feeling

Hey my dears!
Yesterday, I've been taking my camera with me.
Although I took this photo against the sun, I think it turned out quite well, especially the drawing of the sky and the masts you can see in the middle.
Today, I wore something like a Lolita inspired outfit for school (of course with a jacket over it). I got twice a really nice compliment for the skirt, what cheered me up. There happened something strange in school. In English, we had to write an essay, and for the first time since I have to write texts in school mine was too long! I already had 550 words instead of 400 and could have written 200 more. I was glad that when I asked the teacher she said it would still be ok. So far, I always had troubles to come up to the minimum. I'm not sure whether this is because I'm writing my blog now in English (I hope so^^). It's funny, since I'm writing in English, I'm posting so much oftener than before. Well, we will see how the essay turned out...
I wish you all a nice winter day!


  1. darf ich was sagen? das sticht mir ins Auge ;)

    zwar kann man "oftener" sagen, ich habs aber noch nie gehört, wenn man normal mit jemanden spricht, hört man wesentlich öfter "more often"


  2. huaaa, ja ich weiss, ich habs nach dem veröffentlichen gemerkt, war aber zu faul, es noch zu ändern^^. aber danke dir <3