Dienstag, 16. November 2010

"I am a Rococophile, you see. And Rococo is true anarchy"

It seems to me that Shimotsuma Monogatari, better known as Kamikaze Girls, is the must-have-seen-movie under Lolitas. I've seen it at least three times, too (on youtube. I know this is not really fine, and I think I'll get the film once... but not now. I'm broke^^). But I recently bought the book (in English, of course). I really liked it. As I'm reading quite a lot, I'm pretty ambitious if a book is well written or not. But I enjoyed Kamikaze Girls, it's got lots of funny sequences and isn't even boring when you already know the story. If you liked the movie, I think you might also like the book, especially if you want to read more about Momoko and her view of life. Plus, the language is easy to understand (the book wasn't already translated into German, as far as I know). The story is slightly different than from the movie (the latter is a bit more dramatic, I think), and I was surprised Momoko seemed to be quite sharp-tongued. All in all a very amusing book!

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