Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Hallo - what??

Well, I didn't get a costume, and I didn't go to a party on sunday (I know, it's quite a long time since halloween - who cares). I don't really like halloween. This might be different if I lived in another country, Ireland for example (oh, this would be lovely) or the USA or so. But here, people just don't celebrate it. So I can't see why I shoud spend a lot of time and money on a costume which I wear only once and is soaked in fake blood anyway (who thougt fake blood would look good to anyone?).
On the other side, it's always funny to see how creative people become when it's about pumpkin curving. Aren't these sweet ones?
What would Karl Lagerfeld think?
°~°~°~° If you don't pay attention, pumpkins act more lîke rabbits than like pumpkins: °~°~°~° Did I mention that I really hate pumpkins (to eat)? I mean, I really love vegetables, and I'm not a picky eater at all, but I just can't stand these orange things...unless they came in this version:
pictures via tumblr


  1. I love the carousel and the pumpkin eating a pumpkin!

  2. 'Made a Hello Kitty pumpin this year too! See my blog :D