Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

Jigging Around Completely Crazy

OMG! I just got my very first Lolita valentine! When I saw it I just stared at it for some seconds. OMG! Ok, I'm just turning a little bit silly, please don't mind. This is sooo gorgeous and cute and everything and I'd like to thank to whoever made it! Well, I always have a look at the valentines, I love this idea of giving someone a compliment staying anonymous. But I've never even thought of the possibilty to get on for myself. I don't know who made it (although it seems to be someone from NuS since there were quite a lot other NuS-Lolitas valentines...^^ ) but this is so amazing right now! I thank you so much and I'm glad there's someone out there who likes my dilettantish sewing try-and-errors.^^