Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

All Ready Made

Hello my dears,

so I've changed my layout - again, I know. But I like it this time quite a lot and hope to stick with this one...


This week, I made two ready-mades.
One of them is a pair of jeans I turned into a skirt:

Since I had no fancy fabric left that would have matched the skirt and also didn't want to buy new one extra for this project, I decided to make the skirt simple and all black. So for the ruffled part, I used the legs of the jeans. The edges I left without a hem, so the fabric can fray as much as it wants. I kind of like the whole used look, and thanks to the simple look I can style it in various ways (^.-)


For the other thing I had fun taking some pics during the process to share it with you (not that it's extraordinarily complex xD )
Basically, I got the inspiration from this awesome Outfit by Atelier P-I-N-K-Y.

The materials: an old T-shirt, some fabric and thread in red, blue and white, and later on, some eyelets.

Then, I shortened the sleeves and cut the fabric into straps, to make ruffles out of them.

Ruffles! I idea for the three-coloured overlock seams I got from this jersey dress by Natron. She didn't have enough overlock thread so she used thee different coloured threds instead, and I thought, that looks really nice, so why not show these seams also to the rest of the world instead of hiding them?

Next, I sewed the ruffles onto the sleeve and neckline hems.

In the end, I added a bow and some eyelets - done!

I hope you liked it!


  1. Wow, these are so cool! I bet they look fabulous together!

  2. coole ideen! der jeansrock gefällt mir besonders, mit dem rockteil aus der jeans selbst und dem offenkantigem abschluss :)

  3. Ich finde das Layout klasse! Das ist das Beste bisher, wie ich finde. ;-)

  4. Dein neues Design ist wirklich super! <33

  5. Das Oberteil finde ich toll *-*
    Total schön <3

  6. Super coole und gleichzeitig süße Readymades :D Ich bin begeistert! Gefällt mir beides echt gut.
    Als UK-Fan bin ich auch von dem Shirt total angetan freilich *.*

  7. Deine Sachen sind total schön geworden (wie ja eigentlich immer ^^).

    Magst du vielleicht mein Stöckchen fangen? ^^

  8. Thank you for sharing this makeovers! Great ideas ! you have a lovely and interesting blog!