Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

White Ladybug

Hi my dears,

How are you?
I was lucky to find a bit time to sew a bit (*_*)

I got a fabulous white, sheer fabric with cute navy blue polka dots, and since polka dots seem to be en vogue this summer (again?), I decided to make a blouse.

I used the Burda pattern nr. 8153, so it's rather loose-fitting and as such perfect for summertime.

The fabric is a polyester viscose mix and very cool and comfortable on bare skin. I'm glad this fabric is very easy-care and only needs little ironing to look uncrinkled.

Can you spot the tiny anchors on the buttons? I tried to add a little sailor feeling using them (^.^). I think the blouse will look nice with my navy blue highwaist skirt.

I'm quite proud of how the blouse is processed, I really tried to work neatly this time. In order that it also looks pretty inside, I made french seams.

Next project will be the dress for my graduation ceremony, it's going to be - surprise, surprise - black (>.<)


  1. Wow, die ist echt schön geworden =)

  2. Ich bin total gespannt auf das Kleid!

    Und bin wegen dem Abiballkleid und den Bewerbungen grad sehr im Stress, tut mir leid :(

  3. Danke euch!
    Sue, das macht doch nix!^^

  4. I have been looking for this fabric for years. do you have any idea were to get it? thanks