Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Maritime Times

I finished my Jacket-And-Skirt-Project!
The cut for the jacket is quite simple, waist-high with a lapel collar. I took this pattern from Burda, but I had to make some adjustments, yet I'm not 100% content with it.

Lovely buttons, aren't they?

The sleeve

For the inlay, I used royal blue satin. It's such a wonderful colour, isn't it?

The skirt is a highwaisted one with shirring on the side and lacing over it. In the middle of the back, there's a zipper.

For the hem, I used this time a special machine stitch which makes an almost invisible hem. It goes much faster then by hand and you can see the little stiches only if you're looking very closely.

The inside


  1. Gefällt mir richtig gut! :) Klasse Schnitte und tolle Farbe! Würde ich sofort anziehen! :)


  2. Elegant, elegant, Mara. :)

    Gefällt mir sehr gut!

  3. Warum kannst du nicht einfach meine Mutter sein und mir ständig deine genähten Sachen andrehen?
    Fänd ich super :)