Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Still Colourful Inside

Hey guys,

Due to my current lack of occupation amount of spare time, I've been sewing a lot recently, but I think I won't show you all in one turn but make several posts.

As you may already have guessed, I'm going to start studying at an university this autumn, so I decided I'd need a bag. And what would be more obvious than sewing one by myself? (^.^)

It is, naturally, black. I used this stuff similar to the plastic tarpaulin which is also used for the famous Freitag bags. I don't know how to call this kind of fabric in English, any ideas?

I sewed bias binding on the edge, so it would look neat.
And because it's so boring black outside, I took a pretty fabric some of you may remember for the lining:

 Two pockets on the outside.

Aaah, this looks creepy. I don't like it when new bags are so crumply and shapeless (>.<)

Inside, I made another pocket, this time with a zipper (it actually looks better irl. Bad photo.)
Well, the bag turned out pretty big, but like this everything I need should have room. Let's hope it escorts me well through my college life...


  1. oy, die schaut echt uni-tauglich aus, robust, schlicht aber dennoch hübsch - das Innenfutter ist ein besonders schöner Blickfang!! *-*

    Viel Spaß beim Start ins Unileben :) was wird denn studiert? :)

  2. Ich glaube der Stoff heißt im englischen auch einfach Vinyl.
    Die Tasche ist toll!
    Aber schade, das man von dem tollen Futter nix sieht ^^