Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Bodyline Skirt Remake

(Actually something I wanted to post ages ago...)
It's this skirt we're talking about:

I ordered it from Bodyline quite a long time ago, because I was so in love with the print (and still am!), but then never wore it. Somehow the highwaisted corset-styled part didn't suit me well, nor did I really like how it looked like.
So I decided to alter it a bit:

First, I took the waistbands, the lace and the lacing off.
Then, I shortened the highwaist part by cutting off ca 5 cm and set a new zipper.
After that, I serged the hem, turned it down and sewed it on.

Pretty simple actually, maybe it looks not so nice on the inside anymore, but so much the better on the outside (^.^)
Last but not least, I used the fabric from the waistband for some bows:

I like the skirt so much better now and will (hopefully) wear it more often from now on!

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  1. So sieht er wirklichnoch besser aus, und dass wo er mir schon als Highwaist gut gefiel. Jetzt hätte ich aber gerne noch ein Bild im getragenen Zustand ^_^