Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Why So Guessless? ^^

Ok, obviously you guys don't feel like making a guess about my new project... *hem hem*.
What a pity.
Well, as Natron phrased it so nicely, a spectre has haunted Natron & Soda (my favourite sewing community), and this spectre is a handsewn patchwork quilt, made of numerous little hexagons. At the moment, I'm still occupied with cutting out the hexagons, as soon as I actually start sewing, I'll try to show you every now and then some work in progress pictures, but if you're interested, I recomend you Ette's blog (written in German and English). She's the one who actually started the virus of handsewn quilts xD, hers is really awesome and she documents the developement really good.
So then, have a good time!


  1. hehe, ich hätt's gewusst, bin aber nicht mehr zum bloglesen gekommen :D

  2. Oh wonderful, you'll blog about your quilt, too. Now I will be a frequent visitor at your blog, I promise (why wasn't I before? Sorry, shame on me).
    And a bit late but: The shirt you wore at the picknick was self-made?! o.o
    It is wonderful, but I didn't wan't to say anything after I told you I liked your ring that much^^ Maybe I should seach for a rest of chiffon in my fabic-cabinet and try these sleeves by myself.
    lg ette