Montag, 15. August 2011

Papillon en Poudre

Bonjour mes chéries,

(don't worry, I change back to English)
After Ette complimented me about the shirt I wore when I saw her last time (thanks a lot, btw) and told me about looking for a rest of chiffon in her fabric stock, I remembered being indeed owner of such a rest myself.
It was about 2 meters of some nude coloured (?) chiffon which I've originally bought for my steampunk outfit, but wouldn't fit in anymore. So it kept lying around until now:

I used most of the fabric for the sleeves (-.-). The rest of the shirt is, as you can see, sheer, so I definitely have to wear something underneath, but I tried to achieve a somehow flowing, romantic look.

For a little extra decoration, I made two chiffon flowers and sewed them onto the neckline.

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