Montag, 22. August 2011

Up In The Sky, Nothing Is Insane

Hey sweeties,

I hope you're all doing well. Here, it's incredibly hot, so all I'd like to do is staying inside all day long (or in our non-existent swimming pool...)

So since I'm not really up to something right now, I'm afraid today's post not too interesting, I'm sorry. But there are some sewn things lying around which need to be ironed and photographed, so as soon as I have the motivation, I'll show you.

So, then. There have two parcels arrived.
One was from e.l.f.:

I was mainly interested in the eyeshadow base, but because I had to pay shipping costs anyway, I also got some eyeshadow and nail polish. If anyone is interested in a review, let me know.

The second parcel was from

I love how cute the items are wrapped! That's what was inside:

Cute silver butterfly earrings, a snake shaped ring and a merry-go-round necklace. The latter's got real tiny dangling horses on it, it's really the cutes thing I've ever seen!

Last week, I also got some crafty stuff:

Beautiful fabric, which I'll turn into a jsk, and some embroidery thread, which matches extremely well with the fabric but which I'm going to use for another project.

So, that's it for today!

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  1. Oh der Stoff ist aber wirklich wunderschön, ich bin gespannt was du daraus machst :)
    Die Karussellkette ist auch klasse.