Montag, 29. August 2011



yesterday, a lolita friend of mine gave a teaparty to say goodbye, because she'll move to Berlin to study there - we're going to miss you very much, Honey! <3

We had lots of yummy cake and, of course, tea!
For a little goodbye present, I made her a lollipop brooch from fimo:

I hope it'll bring her some colour to grey Berlin (^.-)

You probably want to know what I wore, right? I decided to take my cupcake skirt and make a bittersweet coord with it:

Outfit rundown:
Skirt, Hedbow, Jewellery: handmade
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes: An*tai*na

I wore for the first time my frilly rocking horse shoes, and they're awesome! Really comfortable, and I love how they look like (^.^)



  1. To keep this blog international I try to write in my beste english :D
    I already saw this wonderful outfit on Natron&Soda, and I think your hair is very pretty!
    The lolipop brooche is a cute idea, I thought it was real ^^