Montag, 7. März 2011

Radical Addicted To Rock'n'Roll

People, don't listen to music if you want to learn English properly. It should be "radically", but since it's a song text, I can't change it. Tant pis.


Actually, the main reason why I'm writing is the fabulous event of the execution of my new jsk!
As I already mentioned it, I used black light gabardine. It's got a zipper on the side (I always fail putting the zipper on the left side where it belongs, so we just ignore the fact that the zipper is on the right side...) and a back shirring with lacing. I put ruffles on the neckline, on the sides and on the hem. I like!

I'm quite proud of the breast darts (^.^)



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  1. Wow! Das Kleid ist echt wunderschön geworden! Würde ich dir glatt so mopsen ;-)