Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

National Crisis

...because the greatest fashion designer still existing on this planet won't work for Dior ever again. I was absolutely inconsolable. After smashing our best porcelain and spending a week locked in my bedroom crying, I finally found enough strengh to blog again (ok, I'm just a little drama queen. In fact, I just kept going normally to school like everyone else). I just hope I'll find another inspiration for elegant, mature and lady-like fashion...


Nevertheless, there are also some good news (as hard as it may be for you to believe). I got some very nice and beautiful lace - for free! I especially love the purple one. I already have quite a lot ideas for it, but they're not perfect yet. Maybe for a skirt or a jsk? We will see. About the red one, I'm not sure what to do with it, as I normally don't wear anything red. Probably it's time for a wardrobe makeover...

Then I bought a bit a lot of fabric - very light, soft gabardine in black. I'm going to make a Gothic Lolita jsk with it. Since I was unable to find nice lace or trimming in black, I decided to cover it up with ruffles, so that's why I bought 3 meters (as a precaution). I love gabardine, because it's lightly elastic, it falls really beautiful and you never have to iron it.
The new burda style was unavoidable - how might I reisist a bridal special? Not that I'm going to be married ever, but the patterns are just so lovely.

The last bit of my money, I spend on socks. The sock-obsession seems to be a very popular malady in the Lolita scene (^.^) at least, I don't know a Lolita that doesn't like socks or tights, and so do I. I bought white knee socks - actually, I prefer overknees or tights, but I realized that it's almost impossible to find white opaque tights. Or does anyone of you have tip for me? I needed them because I'd like to make a classic Sailor coord with my new maritime deux-pièce.
The second pair are knitted black overknees.

Have a good time!

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