Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Deers in the Mist

Hi cuties,

last year, the indie brand Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio released a print with the name Deers in the Mist. As you know, I love everything deer-related, so this obviously caught my attention.

Pictures from their facebook page

Isn't it adorable?
But at the time of the initial release, I wasn't sure whether I actually wanted to purchase it, plus I couldn't decide for a colour, so I missed the first reservation period (-.-)

the artwork is so adorable!

Lucky for me, there was a second chance to reserve the dress shortly afterwards. I placed my order in December, in January I could pay the rest of the fee and some days ago, the dress arrived!
In the end, I settled on the long jsk in ivory(-yellow) colourway.

I debated on getting the dress in lavender instead, but now it arrived I'm very happy with my choice. Although I don't wear a lot of yellow (not at all, actually), I really like the colour on this dress, also because it's very pastelly and not too obtrusive.
It's also my first dress in this length, I'm looking forward to try coords with it (^.^). Actually, I prefer the classic lolita silhouette with knee-long skirts, but I liked the overall design of this jsk the best (there's also a short jsk and a onepiece to choose from).

The quality of the dress is susrprisingly well (I'm always a bit cautious with indie brands). There is no zipper since the back is shirred, which makes the dress very comfortable. The shoulder straps are variable and the waist band and shoulder ruffles can be detached. The dress is completely lined and carefully sewn, as far as I can see.
The lace trim in the front is of decent quality, aswell as the fabric itself.

I'm very fond of the print, it looks gorgeous on the chiffon. The plain chiffon that's used for the ruffles has an interesting texture; stipes are woven into it. I like details like it, also it comliments the dress nicely.

I'm so happy about this new addition to my deer collection (^.^) I can't wait to wear it!
Maybe I'll make a new blouse or a cardigan to coordinate it with, I noticed that I need more off-white basics...

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