Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Teal Time

Hi Dolls,

there are some colours that cannot be found in my closet. Although I like them, I don't wear them, which is mainly because of limited space and money, So I have to settle for a certain range of colours. For example. I don't own anything blue, turquoise - or teal.
My mum, hovewer, likes to wear teal, so for her birthday I sewed a waist-length cardigan for her.

I chose a soft cotton jersey with matching buttons. I really like the ornaments around the edges of the buttons (^.^)

My mums style is not very elaborate, so I tried to keep the cardigan simple, without big embelishments exept for a pocket on one side (because you can't have enough pockets, right?).

It looks a bit crumpled here on the photos, but I had to take pictures as long as I had a bit of light...

I totally forgot to buy matching thread while in the fabric store, and when I was at home again. I was too lazy to go back again. So I improvised with this lighter shade. I think it's a nice contrast, a cute detail that could be intended from the beginning. The trick is to just tell everyone that's how's supposed to be (^.-)

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