Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

June Treats Me Well

Hi pretties,

on wednesday, Aya and I met in Basel to go shopping, walk along the Rhine and having a mini-picnic (^.^) I was super happy with my outfit, I think I've never felt more like mysef - and of course, I'm still jazzed about my hair!

Headbow: Innocent World
Necklace & dress: handmade by me
Shoes: thrifted
First, we went to the fleamarket. I had a vague plan of looking for a nice teapot, since the old ugly one we had before broke. I didn't really expect to find something since I'm sometimes very picky, but then I saw this one and fell in love:

Isn't it gorgeous? I think the best part is that it's got pansies on it (or at least some flowers that ressemble pansies, I'm no expert).
Later, we also went to H&M, where I found a beautiful lingerie set which was on sale and this amaaaaaazing sweater in mint with dinosaurs on it (mint! and dinosaurs! how awesome is that?)

shopping haul

I was amazed about how many cute compliments I got for my hair. We were both dresses in black and Aya has short purple hair, so apparently we made quite a dramatic appearance (^.^) we got all kinds of reactions from passers-by, ranging from deathly glances to a kid whispering "witch" to love declarations!


  1. Huhu! Weiß grad gar nicht mehr, wie ich hierhin gekommen bin, aber deine Haare sind sooo toll! Sehr schön anzusehen! Wollt ich nur mal eben loswerden. Liebe Grüße!