Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015


Hi cuties,

I dyed my hair green-turquoise! 

It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but I was also a bit scared the bleaching might not agree with my already dry hair... but the prospect of flowing mermaid-hair was a stronger motivation (^.^) and if it would have gone horribly wrong, I could always have cut it off, I'm not that emotionally attached to my hair tbh.

I used Schwarzkopf Blonde L1++ to bleach my hair, I did some research beforehand and this seemed to have good reviews. I bleached three times in total - about two month ago I had dyed my hair with henna, and it seems that it's really hard to get the red dye out, my hair was still quite orange in places after the third bleach. Nevertheless, I then proceeded to apply Directions in Apple Green and Turquoise, and it seemed to cover quite well.

before - after the first bleaching - after the thrid bleaching - end result (a bit uneven, I know - I need to practice on that)

I'm very very impressed how my hair survived the process. As I mentioned, I tend to have dry hair, and I was also scared I might lose my natural waves. I bleached three times in three days and drenched my hair in between in coconut oil, hair masks and conditionner. Additionally, I cut my hair after the third bleaching about 8cm, I had split ends anyways, so it was time. Right now, it's still recovering, but I'm soooo in love with it (*.*)


  1. Wow, I cannot believe you did this at home - it turned out great!
    The color suits you and with your pretty, natural wavy hear it looks really like a mermaids hair. I like it a lot (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

  2. Wow, echt heftiger Schritt! Sieht aber echt awesome aus :D
    Freu mich schon auf mehr Bilder von deiner neuen Haarpracht!

  3. Darf ich dir einen Tipp geben? Ich selber trage nämlich auch türkise Haare und das Farbergebnis ist bei dir ja noch nicht so schön/nicht perfekt. Das liegt daran, dass dein Haar noch nicht hell genug ist. Durch den Gelbstich kommt die Farbe leider nicht so raus.
    Aber das wird nach und nach wenn du immer wieder blondierst und immer wieder tönst ^^ Ich würd nur eine weissblonde Blondierung hernehmen. Dann knallt es richtig rein.
    Es ist echt mutig, dass du deine dunklen Haare Zuhause selber färbst. Ich gehe zum blondieren immer zum Frisör ^^

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