Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Wie weit geht Originalität, subkulturelle Identität?

Hey everyone,

first of all: thank you so much for already 70 readers! So awesome!
Whenever I see there's someone new, I immediately try to find out who it is and if she (or he?) is writing a blog, too. I'm sorry I simply don't have the time to follow back all of you, and sometimes it might happen that I even miss it out - so if you actually write a blog I'm not following yet, or you know someone who writes one that is absolutely worth reading - let me know! I'm always looking for new inspiration and open for impacts (^.^)

Today, I wore my new fake fur acessoires. The gaiters need one or two eyelety more, so they won't crumple so much any more, but besides that, I absolutely love them. The collar is so soft and warm and cosy! Perfect, now that the weather is steadily getting colder.

skirt: handmade
gaiters & collar: handmade
shoes: Dosenbach
mirror necklace: New Yorker
owl earrings & ring: claire's
rest: offbrand


  1. Auch wenn es um die Fake Fur Sachen geht, der Rock ist total schön *____*

  2. ich bin ein neuer leser^^
    ich mag deine sachen total, du bist so stilsicher!
    vllt magst du dir ja mal den blog anschauen den ich mit meiner besten freundin grad gestartet hab, sind erst ein paar posts, aber das wird noch :)