Dienstag, 22. November 2011


Hi everyone,
I hope you're all well (^.^)
I'm currently impatiently waiting for snow to come... unfortunately, no impatience on earth can change the climate, so instead I sewed some warming accessoires, so I'd be ready for the cold (*.*)
Some weeks ago, I came across bathinas blog, who creates beatiful things out of fawn fur. Since I'm not really the Bambi kind of girl, I went fabric shopping and found this wonderfully fluffy, chocolate-brown fake fur and some matching cord.

Gaiters, to make my shoes winterproof. They're closed with lacing in the back.

Then, as they are seen everywhere lately, I also made myself a fur collar. It's so cosy!

Are you also waiting for snow, or do you plan to go somwhere where it's hot as soon as winter would approach?