Sonntag, 27. November 2011

My Week In Pictures

chewing gum of the week (^.^)

unbelievable, but true: I went shopping and actually got a pair of jeans - but only because my last pair was too fucked up to be worn

I also found this beautiful, extremely cosy pullover on sale, one in black and one in pastel mint green, a colour I've been looking for quite a while

The heels of my favourite pair of shoes were too worn out and got broken, so I had to bring them to the shoemaker

this vanilla & caramel flavoured tea is so awesome!

My current desktop background. This picture is so inspiring!

A christmas present I'm working on at the moment (and the reason why neither the cardigan nor the quilt are proceeding at all... I'm sorry, there will be updates soon, I promise! I'm almost done with my christmas presents)

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