Montag, 14. November 2011

My (Past Three) Weeks In Pictures

Hi my dears,

sorry that I lately neglegted the documentation of all the fancy things happening here for you, but I hope I will resume the habit, since I used to like doing it (and I suppose it would be funny re-reading those posts in a few years...)

Good morning! I proudly introduce my new (and very loud) alarm clock. I think it's somehow cute, isn't it?

I had hoped the load of vitamins would keep me healthy, but that was before I had the flu (>.<)

...and some more vitamines xD. It's odd, I somehow have the impression I picture a lot of food...

My new lovely shoes!

Worked a bit on a christmas present this weekend

and to end up, yesterdays outfit:
shoes: An*tai*na
rest: offbrand


  1. That alarm clock looks so oldschool, it's great! <3
    And these shoes *_____* Gorgeous!

  2. The vegetables look sooooo delicious :D

    And lovely other stuff!