Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

It Has Been A While...

...and I'm extemely sorry for this!
But for that, I'll make a long post today, with loads of pictures (^.^)
The happy event of today was that I finally met Elodie again, the Lolita who also lives in Basel. We went together to the Basler Herbstmesse, the funfair that takes place every autumn at different locations all over the city. I love it so much, with candy and rollercoasters, it makes the little child inside my heart bouncing around from excitement (^.^).
Of course, there were also carousels (sorry for the bad picture, it was already getting dark):

 This is something extremely cute we found in a shop window when walking through the city: It's a mouse which opens a jar with a spoon, an the whole thing is moving! So sweet!

Some other random pics of the stands...

Since I had been at university all day long and couldn't go home and change before we met, I was wearing something rather simple:

jsk: handmade
alice band: Innocent World
shoes: ebay
jewellery: claire's
rest: H&M

When I drove home, I had this fantastic view of the Münster and the big wheel of the fair:


  1. Dein Outfit ist echt schön! Und der Stand mit den Federkielen ist ja der Hammer O___o
    Sowas habe ich noch nie gesehen.

  2. Wirklich schöne Fotos! Vor Allem das erste <3

  3. Danke euch <3
    @San: ja, den Federkielstand fand ich auch totaaaal schön (aber pssst, nur bis ich die Preise gesehen habe xP )

  4. why so serious? xD ( das ist eigentlich nur ein kommentar, damit du mich wiederfindest xD)