Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Like Back In 1913

Hi my Ladies,

last Saturday, we had another little Lolita meet-up!
In Kandersteg, a beautiful little village located in the Swiss mountains and close to where I grew up, there is every year a Belle Epoque week. The theme is, you name it, the time roughly  between 1880 and 1914. The whole village would dress up, decorating the shop windows and organizing various events like ice skating, dances and promenades. The visitors as well as the locals would also dress up in historic costumes!
So on saturday, there was a Afternoon Tea with a fashion show. I thought, what a perfect event to wear Lolita! So I asked my fellow Lolitas if they were interested to join me, and in the end we were a group of 13 adorable Lolitas and Kodonas (*.*). We all met already in the train and went to Kandersteg together. The weather was unexpectedly beautiful, sunshine, almost no clouds and snowy mountains.

I tried something Belle Epoque inspired with my outfit, hence the hat and the corset and overskirt from the steampunk outfit I once made. I wore a wig from GLW, because my hair didn't agree with the hairstyle I had planned (>.<)


the hat kept sliding off my head, which is understandable since I put it on skew  (>.<)
omg my bloomers peak out!
with Magali

with Pyl

After we'd taken some pictures, we went to the Waldhotel Doldenhorn, a four-star hotel, where the event was held. I was first a bit worried we would be late, but it turned out we were quite early. I had reserved a table for all of us, and we were seated right at the entrance, so we could admire all the visitors, and mostly, their costumes! We were all especially fond of the hats. I'd love to get a hat with giant feathers and hat net! So inspiring!

Soon, the food and tea was served. There were sandwiches and pastries, everything very apealing and delicious. Such luxury!

Then the fashion show started. It was presented by entre nous, a Swiss couture atelier. The theme was Paris and its ladies, and the corsetière, Beata Sievi, introduced us to four different pictures.
The first one was called Parisian Evening Wear, very elegant and sophisticated.


The second was called Paris Nights, and you can think yourself what is meant with that (^.-). The French have this wonderful expression filles de joie.


The third picture was about the Parisian girls, the schoolgirls and maids, who, although they may not be rich, still have a lot of style, so that it's almost impossible to guess their cultural status.


The last one was all about lingerie. S-curve corsets, bustles, chemises and underskirts.


The corsets were all amazing, made so perfectly with the best materials, silk jaquard and lace from St. Gallen.

all the girls

Afterwards, we stayed a little, drank more tea and took some more pictures in the beautiful hotel. The location was so perfect for this event, and everyone said  they really enjoyed it, yay! I'm looking forward to repeat this meet-up next year (^.^)

Outfit rundown:
Hat: handmade
Blouse: Dear Celine
Corset & overskirt: handmade
Underskirt: handmade
Socks: Baby, the stars shine bright
Shoes: Vögele Shoes
Jewellery: restyle, Manor, else


  1. Neinneinnein, ich hab's verpasst. Hab irgendwann im Herbst noch ein Gewinnspiel mitgemacht für eine Reise zu der Belle Epoque Woche, mit Hotel und allem. Nicht gewonnen und daraufhin vergessen, obwohl ich mir da noch gesagt hab, ich möchte so oder so dahin. Schade, du sahst so toll aus! Und das ganze Programm scheint super gewesen zu sein mit den Modenschauen und so. Na mal sehen, vielleicht denke ich nächstes Jahr dran.
    Liebe Grüsse ette

    1. ach, das ist ja ärgerich! wir gehen nächstes jahr wohl auch wieder, ich kann dir ja dann schreiben ^^

  2. Das Treffen war wirklich fantastisch. Das gehört wohl schon auf die Liste meiner Highlights 2013. Nächstes Jahr möchte ich auch unbedingt nochmals hinfahren, vielleicht sogar für mehrere Events. :) Ich habe eine Dokumentation über den Ball gesehen, den sie am Samstagabend veranstaltet haben. Ein Traum!

    Ich mag die Bezeichnung "fille de joie" irgendwie auch - die französische Sprache verleiht diesen Dingen irgendwie eine gewisse, seltsame Ästhetik, eine Eleganz, die mich fasziniert... und die Korsetts, die zu dem Motiv vorgeführt wurden waren einfach nur atemberaubend.

    Oh, die Outfitbilder sind auch super geworden!
    So, ich höre mal auf zu schwärmen, sonst bin ich morgen noch nicht fertig. ;-)