Montag, 14. April 2014

Pirate & Pastels

Hi my dears,

you already know me, whenever I have time, I like to spend it sewing. Lately I made some new items for my etsy shop, but also something for me!

Let's start with a new skirt for my shop. I fell in love with this amazing map printed fabric, so I went for a pirate theme.

Jolly Skirt

Then, I'm also quite into pastels at the moment. This jsk is very inspired by the designs of Emily Temple Cute, and while I originally planned to make it for the shop too, I decided to keep it when I finished (^.^)
But luckily I ordered enough fabric, so it's also up for sale!

Emilie Dress

Furthermore, I was convinced that I'm in desperate need of a pale pink cardigan. I love to wear cardigans with Lolita dresses, they're a great, slightly more casual alternative to blouses. Plus, I already had this delicate pink tulle lace lying around for quite some time and felt it would go great with the design I had in mind:

I styled it with the new jsk, I think they match quite well, don't they?

I adorned the top of the button botder with some lace, tied into a bowknot.

I also made one pocket on the side, in a heart-shape to match the buttons. Since I had some lace left over, I added another bow here too (^.^)

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