Samstag, 30. August 2014

New Things for my Etsy Shop

Hey cuties,

I was very productive during my semester break, sewing many new items for my Etsy shop Medusa Couture. I linked all the items, just click on the name under the picture for more pictures and informations. For updates, sneak peaks and custom work, please visit the facebook page! (^.^)

Seperate Frilly Collars

Rosalie Dress

Amélie Dress

Comtesse Bat Bag

Comtesse Bat Bonnet

Comtesse Bat Collar

Duchesse Cape

Duchesse Bloomers

Duchesse Bonnet

Duchesse Bag

A-shaped Petticoat

Bell-shaped Petticoat

I'm very fond of both the Comtesse and Duchesse collections, I think I might extend them further (^.^) I'm having a ton of ideas and inspirations anyways at the moment!

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  1. So beautiful~! I love the duchesse collection :)