Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

Lolita Meet-Up in Guryères

Hi lovelies,

some time ago, we had a Lolita meet-up in Gruyères, a small village in Fribourg. It's not only famous for it's cheese and meringues with cream (yum!), but also the location of the H.R.Giger museum, whitch was our destitation.
Before the museum we also paid the castle of Gruyères a visit. It's a rather small, medieval castle, so not extremely exciting if you're into the lavishness of baroque, but nevertheless it was nicely done up (^_^)

We met around noon and because the weather was very foggy and gloomy, we decided to take a look at the castle first, hoping that the sun might show up later to take some pretty outfit pictures. Unfortunately, it didn't clear up considerably, but we took some pictures nevertheless.

Outfit rundown:
Blouse & skirt: Btssb
Shoes: Bodyline
Underskirt: handmade by me
Cupcake accessories: Etsy
 I wasn't very happy with my outfit that day. I haven't felt like wearing Lolita lately, so I changed my mind several times about what I should wear. I ended up wearing my new skirt from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. The skirt itself is absolutely gorgeous, but I had planned to wear another blouse with it, which happened to be at my mum's place, unfortunately. So I had to go with this white blouse, also from Baby, which has a rather unflattering cut and is therefore more suitable to wear under a jsk (thinking of it, I might alter it some time.)

Some details of the skirt. It's called Queen of Snow - The White Kingdom of Which a Fairy Lands Gently (the longest print name I've ever heard of) and I was happy to get it in lavender, although the black version looks very pretty, too.

The print is, as always, super beautiful and detailled. There are even glittery silver snowflakes printed on it! I hope I can make a decent, wintery coord with it soon.


After the castle we finally went to the Giger museum. I find his work (altough a little disturbing) extremely inpiring, so I had planned for a long time to go there.
His work is exhibitoned in a relatively old, angled house. I felt it was very suiting, since the small rooms made looking at the paintings, sketches and sculptures even more intense, and you got easily confused by all the stairways and doors. I also liked that there was a lot of room designated to his work besides Alien (for which he's known best, after all, but there's just so much more!).
What was very intriguing for me was that a part of Gigers personal collection was shown. I always find it fascinating to see what inspires an artist. It surprised me that he collected a lot of colourful pieces of art, after all, his own work is quite monochrome...

"Some people would say my paintings show a future world and maybe they do, 
but I paint from reality. I put several things and ideas together, 
and perhaps, when I have finished, it could show the future. 
If people want to interpret my work as warnings about too much overpopulation, 
disease and mechanization in the future, then that is up to them. 
I like to combine human beings, creatures and biomechanics. 
And I love to work with bones - they are elemental and function and, 
after all, are part of human beings. 
I have many bones in my home in Zurich, and I study them 
and use them as models. Some people say my work is often depressing and pessimistic, 
with the emphasis on death, blood, overcrowding, 
strange beings and so on, but I don't really think it is. 
There is hope and a kind of beauty in there somewhere, if you look for it."
- H.R.Giger

It wasn't allowed to take photos in the museum (looks like you have to go there by yourself to see it (^.-) ), but I have one of (part of) our group in the Giger bar, where we went to have drinks and chat a little in the end.

photo by Fifi

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  1. The skirt looks like a scene from The Snow Queen with the castle and Gerda and Kay