Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Book Bags

Hi my dear readers,

about a year ago, I found some pretty old books, which I wanted to use to make bags. It's not exactly a new idea, on etsy for example, one can purchase book bags from various sellers. Hovewer, what I always disliked about most designs I've seen so far, was that they either don't provide much space or can't be closed securely, which makes me worry that I'd lose half my stuff.
But this summer, I finally had an idea how to use the book covers for bags I'd use myself, and I'm quite happy with the result (^.^)

I made each one a bit different on the inside, a great way to reduce the mountains of fabric leftovers I cumulated over time, plus it's also less boring to make.

I found the books on ebay and on fleamarkets. I must admit, since I really love books, especially pretty old ones, I felt a bit bad cutting them apart. However, on the other hand, if they're just lying around waiting to be bought, they're not being read either, so at least they get a second life as purses.

I sold them in my etsy shop and on various lolita conventions I attended (I'll write about these later), and was surprised how much positive feedback I got. As I said, the idea is not exactly ground-breaking, but I still appreciate it when people like it (*.*)


  1. Ich liebe Büchertaschen - und deine Idee finde ich wirklich, wirklich toll! :D
    Das werde ich mir direkt mal merken! :D

    1. aww danke schön, das freut mich natürlich ^^

  2. I love these! Book bags are definitely a trend I really enjoy. I haven't found any books like these (less common here, because our "old" books were stitched together rather than with covers!) but if I do, I'd love to make a "book bag" as well!

  3. Eifach AWESOME, die Taschen sind umwerfend *___*

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