Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

I Hate Blogger.

Aaargh, blogger is driving me mad (>.<). Obviously, I can post again (thank god), but I can't comment at other blogs any more. Hmpf.
Well, I'm sorry, but the giveaway has to wait a bit, I'm pretty busy with exams at the moment, and during Ascension I'll be in Italy for a few days, so I won't have internet.
I wish you a nice holiday (if you have one)!


  1. Blogger bekommt sich schon wieder ein.
    Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiel Erfolg bei deinen Prüfungen! Und viel Spaß in Italien!

    Ich drücke dir beide Daumen!

  2. Danke schön! Naja wird schon schiefgehen^^