Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Little Black Dress & Red Obsession

Hi my dears,

I hope you're having such a great summer weather as we have here, it's wonderful.
I've been shopping recently, and although I bought somehow a lot of stuff, I didn't even spend so much money, since I had so many gift coupons left (^.^)
Wanna see?

The "girlish" things:
A cute T-shirt and pink tights, both from Tally Weijl, barrettes, a hair flower and a silver butterfly ring from claire's and nail polish by essence.

Then, inspired by my new shoes, I had the urgent requirement of adding red accessoires to my wardrobe o.O:
Belt by Tally Weijl, tights, bracelet and alice band by claire's.

Something to read for when my exams are over. Do you know Kai Meyer? He writes really really good, I love his books, the language is so beautiful.


I've also sewn a little bit, a little black dress in A-shape using my all time favourite jersey and some stretch lace:

The lace is so soft and comfy!

Mini sleeves ftw!

Don't forget the Giveaway!

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