Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

Some Little Thank You

Hi cuties,

just a rather random post about stuff that has accumulatet during the last few weeks (^.^)

First of all, thank you so much for already 86 readers! Wow! This blog is surely fun to write, but it motivates me even more to write something interesting for you!

As you surely have noticed, I've changed my blog a little. The sales post and the What is Lolita post I've already introduced, and I added an about me post, too. There's not much written about me because I have no idea what you guys would like to know about me, so please feel free to ask or tell me whatever you like!
I also wonder how you like my blog in general. What do you like to read about? Anything you'd like me to cover or you're not really interested? I made a poll for you to vote on the right side (-.^)

Then, regarding to my resolution to take more outfit pictures, I created an account on Lookbook. Some of you maybe know the site, I love browsing through the beautiful pictures and getting inspired (*.*)

Last but not least, somesthing I wanted to write about ages ago and which really delighted me.
I got three Blogawards from Punkangel! Wow, thank you so much sweetie! <3

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