Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

The End Of The World As We Know It

Hi my dear apocalypse-survivers!

I'm really sorry for my recent lack of blogging.
In between studying for my semester exams (which are approaching alarmingly fast), I was also busy with preparing the next meet-up. Some of you might remember that we had a Lolita-NewYear's Eve-pary last year, and since it was so much fun, we decided to make it a tradition! (*.*) Well, unforunately, we made this decition quite late, so it was really hard to find a location for fifteen or more people... but now it looks like it will turn out all right *phew*.

But actually, I didn't want to whine about that. The preparations also incuded a new outfit, yay! The lovely Aya and me are going to twin, or at least we both sew an outfit from the same fabric. So far, I can show you mine:

Let's start with the fabric. We have a beautiful rose-patterend one, a plaim one between green and brown (it actually changes colours depending on the lightning) and brown fake fur. I also got two light pink fabric roses from IKEA (they really have nice fabric roses!).

I sewed a one piece, a cape and a bonnet. Initially, I was inspired by this bonnet Bathina once made. I really loved how the bonnet complemented the dress, so it always was in the back of my head.

So, this is the dress. It is clearly inspired by the Antoinette dress by Mary Magdalene, one of my all-time favourite dresses. However, since I'm never going to own the original anyways, I hope it's not too much of blasphemy an affront that I intrepreted it in my way (and size).

I'm not overly happy with how it turned out. I made a sample and everything, but still managed to make a huge mistake with the cut. I have no idea how this could have happened, and if I have had more fabric, I'd started over, at least with the top. But well, I'm never going to sell it and if I wear a wig the mistake is not overly visible, so I just have to live with it *sigh*

The bows seem a little invisible as they're made from the same fabric as the background, but in real live you can see them better.

This brown-green colour was not one I liked a lot before, but Aya suggested it and I kind of grew fond of it. I  really like how it brings out the rose pattern.

Side and back sight. I used an invisible zipper in the back for closure. It looks nice, but also includes me doing funny wrenches while putting it on.

Secondly, as announced, I made a cape.
Because Aya also makes one and because I love capes. They are so sophisticated. And pretty. And my forearms and hands will freeze (^.-).

The cool thing about this cape is that you can wear it either side showing. On one side, there is a wide border of the fake fur around the rose fabric.
On the other side, there's the plain fabric and a peter pan collar from fur.

Loliltas never go out without pinning something on their head, and since it's a special occasion and the dress is rather elaborate by itself, I took the opportunity to make a bigger headpiece than I usually would wear: a bonnet.

It's the first bonnet I've ever made and I quite like how it turned out. It's even probably my favourite peice of the set. I hadn't tried on a bonnet before and was unsure if it would fit me, but imho it does (^.^)

 For the shape, I used a piece of thick felt, actually the same as I took for the black hat I made this summer. Like this, it keeps its shape quite nicely. So that it would fit the design of the dress, I used the rose patterned one as main fabric and the green-brown one for the ruffles and the tie.

Well, I hope you made it until here, I know, these were a lot of pictures. I'm really looking forward to the party, to see all the lovely Swiss Lolitas again (*.*)


  1. ich mag das bonnet am meisten! total süß :>

    ich hab hier auch ein nähprojekt rumlieben, aber bis jetzt sind nicht mal alle schnittteile aufgezeichnet...

    1. Danke! Schnittteile aufzeichnen ist auch nicht meine Lieblingsbeschäftigung (>.<)

  2. Ahhh! I hope I'm writing in the right place and won't press the wrong button when I'm done. xD Oh well, just wanted to comment and say just how awesome this outfit is! :D You snapped on that cape, lady. I love how it's reversible. How did you even plan for something like that? o_O How do you get it to lay so nicely? I'm all for versatility, so I'm really loving how you made two designs in one!

    Mary Magdalene is my all-time fave loli brand but this is the first time I'm seeing this particular design. It's rather different. I like the concept, though left up to me, I'd probably make a belt that either goes over both layers, or only around the under-dress. Hm... not sure how'd that adjustment would look in real life, though, lol.

    Well, happy holidays to you and best wishes in the new year (and with future sewing projects)! ^^ <3

    1. Awww thank you so much for your nice comment, you made my day =D I wish you a merry Christmas too <3

  3. Wow, it looks amazing!! ♥ Wonderfull dress and bonnet!!

  4. This is completely amazing. How did you make up the pattern? I am absolutely in love with the Antoinette dress and I think it would be phenomenal to make my own version as well. Do you have pictures wearing it? You did a wonderful job =]

    1. Aw thank you very much! yes I made the pattern by myself. unfortunately, I haven't any decent worn pictures, I'll probably have to alter it a little...