Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

Ich Seh Nur Anders Aus Als Du

Hi dolls,

last Saturday, we had a Lolita meet-up, which coincided also with the International Lolita Day!
First, it was supposed to be only a small meet-up, since it was planned on short notice by Pyl and me, but in the end we were quite a group, which was, of course, really great! (^.^)
Pinky had organized a Apero-before-Chrismas at her shop, the SevenSins in Aarau, so we decided to visit her on that occasion. Unfortunately, it was a little crammed with all the petticoats in the little shop, so in between we stepped outside and took some pictures.
After that, we went back to the SevenSins, did some shopping, said goodbye to Pinky and then some of us went for a cup of tea in a restaurant (the others had to catch their train, sadly). I really enjoyed the afternoon, it's always a treat to see all the beautiful ladies and gentlemen (^.^)

And now for some picture time!

The whole group (without me, obviously, I was the one taking the photo)

me derping around (>.<)

me and Pyl xD

Outfit rundown:
Studded alice band: handmade
Wig: CosplayAnimeWigs
Blouse: handmade
Longsleeve: H&M
Bag: Loris
Tights: H&M
Accessoires: handmade, ebay


  1. Aaaaw, Du siehst toll aus *-*
    Die Perücke steht Dir gut und um den Haarreifen beneide ich Dich <___<

  2. Wow, toll! Ich mag deine Kombination von Lolita und etwas 'härterem' (punkig klingt so abgegriffen, aber das mein ich). Und die Perücke steht dir super, mal was komplett anderes als die langen Locken. Bei den ersten beiden musste ich doch genauer hingucken.^^

    1. Hihi, ja, punkig ist so ein Unwort ^^ aber danke schön! <3 Ich mag die Perücke auch ganz gerne =)