Freitag, 30. November 2012


Hello darlings!

I know, it's still more than a month until a new year begins, but after seeing it on Facebook, I couldn't restist to buy a new calendar (^.^).
It's from Annie Bertram, an imho very talented photographer, and features beautiful girls in stunning outfits. So inspiring!

The shipping was incredibly fast, I got it two days after I ordered and paid via PayPal.
When I opened the envelope, some nice postcards and flyers fell out.

I love getting these kinds of things, I'll put them in my inspiration folder (^.^).
If you want to see Annie Bertram's work, visit her fb page or her homepage, where you also can order the calendar.

By the way, tomorrow is International Loliay Day! Are you doing something nice?
I'm going to a little meet-up, I'm looking forward to it (^.^)

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