Dienstag, 13. November 2012


Yes, it's done! Well, at least the fist part (*.*)
I'm talking about the never-ending-project called patchwork quilt: I finished the paatcchwork part! Some of you may have followed it from the beginning, either here or on my WIP at N&S.
For everyone else and those who lost track, I thought I'd make a little wrap-up:

It started on the 4.8.2011 with 200 hexagonal paper jigsaws, a small pile of fabric (I underestimated the fabric use greatly, so this pile would grow during the time) and the ambitious intention to hand-sew an English Quilt, following the example of Ette's wonderful one.

I started very motivated. First, I made flowers, the highlights of the quilt:

By October 2011, the center piece, consisting of 7 flowers, was completed:

After that, I moved on to the side parts. Don't they look like flower beds?

From that point on, the quilt became too big to take with me, so I could only work on it at home (before, I took ot witht me on the train or when going to my mum's place etc.). I conected the middle and side parts:

Since it was easier to keep track of the pattern, I tried to work symmetrically. By June 2012, it looked like that:

After that, the thing was too big to be laid out in my room, so I had to photograph it in the living room (^.^). During my summer break, I had more time and motivation again, so by August 2012, I had all the flowers integrated:

And now, as I said, here it is:

For the record:
- 18 different fabrics
- 200 paper jigsaws
- 2 coils of sewing thread and basting thread each
- several needles
- countless hours of film and music
This equals in a monster with measurements 210 x 180 cm, consisting of 1621 hexagones!

Now comes part two: the quilting.
Since handquilting is something I never did before, I thought I'd make two matching pillows first, so I can practise. This is convenient, because the inner side of a pillow cover is not looked at too often and I also can decide over the quilt pattern.

So I hope you're still with me! (^.-)


  1. Sehr beeindruckend, vor allem so in der Gesamtschau. :)
    Beim Quilten würde ich es eher schlicht halten, zu viele schnörkel o.ä. lenken doch von den Blumen ab.
    Aber du willst ja auch erstmal üben, daher wirst du schon das richtige finden!

    1. Danke dir! Ich denke auch, es wird wohl ein eher einfaches Muster, wahrscheinlich was sechseckiges ^^

  2. Wahnsinn, so viel Geduld hätte ich niemals.
    Die Blumen sehen wunderschön aus, deren Farben gefallen mir ^-^

    1. Danke! Ich bin auch immer noch zufrieden mit meiner Farbwahl ^^ (zum Glück, ändern kann ich ja nix mehr xD )

  3. Wow. That is a very impressive amount of time and effort you put into the quilt and it shows! It's very beautiful and probably means so much more for the work you put into it! Are you going to hang it on your wall or put it on your bed?

    1. Thank you! I think so too, the time and thought I invested make it priceless... but that's also the nice thing about it ^^ it's going to be a bed cover :)

  4. Wow! That came out so beautiful! Congrats :D

  5. Wow, Congrats! I can't only repeat myself: I love the colours you chose and that the pattern came out so wonderfully!
    At the moment, I don't feel any urge to continue to work on mine, but someday I will go on, I know ;-)

    1. Thanks! I'm curious how yours will turn out, after all, you inspired me ^^

  6. Wow this is incredible! I hope you will post a picture of it on your bed soon =)
    Also you have a very lovely blog! I follow you now =D


    1. Thank you! I guess it will take some time until it's quilted... and welcome on my blog! I always appreciate new readers <3