Montag, 26. November 2012

Remember To Learn To Forget

Hi dolls,

I don't even have a pathetic excuse for not blogging for so long.
Which is a shame, there are so many lovely things I'd like to share with you lovelies! Amongst others,  I sewed a little:

Currently, I'm fascinated by waistcoats (^.^)
I think they go so well with Lolita, and a vest is a nice alternative to a waist belt.

I sewed one myself because it seemed to be rather hard to find a vest that can be worn with Lolita. It has to be short enough so you can wear it with the typical silhouette. Otherwise it wouldn't look that flattering, because a vest that's too long rumples and creates crinkles around the waist part. Besides that, the waistcoats sold at common stores are rather boring, and you know how I love some decadent decoration (^.^)

I decided to turn the attention to the collar. It's framed with ruffles and trimmed with black rose lace. The lace and the fabric are actually of the same colour, my camera makes it just look different.

Speaking of, maybe the fabric looks familiar to you? I bought about 5 meters of it and already used it for a hat, bloomers and to decorate the plaid gaiters.

Said gaiters share another similarity with the vest: I used fabric covered buttons again. Don't they make it look quite elegant and elaborate?