Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: 1 Piece, 4 Seasons

Hi cuties,

I didn't participate on LBC for the last few weeks, I'm sorry for that. This had nothing to do with the topics, which are really interesting every week, I just never managed to take the time out of my day. But this week, the theme is so great and a perfect excuse for a little break between studying (^.^). The task is to take one piece of your Lolita wardrobe and coordinate it for every season!

I chose my Innocent World Octavia Jsk. I'm a lot into Classic Lolita at the moment, and this dress is basically the base of my Classic wardrobe.

I only posted one outfit with it here so far, but the coordination possibilities are endlessly, since it's rather simlpe and very versatile.


Blouse: handmade by me
Sweater: H&M
Socks: New Yorker
Shoes: Deichmann
Bag: Loris
Argyle is probably my favourite pattern when it comes to check designs. Autumn is also the season to cuddle up in comfy sweaters, and this particular one is really soft and warm. I chose a white blouse and bag, so the pattern wouldn't be disturbed too much.


Fake fur collar: H&M
Blouse: Innocent World
Cardigan: handmade by me
Socks: Bodyline
Legwarmers: handmade by me
My favourite season! Lolita is made for winter, you can wear layers and layers of cute clothes (*.*). I went with lots of cream/off-white for a wintery feeling. I put the blouse over the jsk, so the nice ruffly hem would peak out under the cardigan. Of course, I'd wear long tights under the socks, they just looked funny in the picture so I removed them.


Blouse: Innocent World
Pearls: Ebay
Shoes: Ebay
Ankle socks, lace tights: H&M
Umbrella: Lisbet Dahl
Imagine, when the snow has melted away, and it's getting warmer again, already a little hint of summer in the air. You take a stroll through fields and along woods, accompanied by the first butterflies, enjoying the little green sprouts that are slowly working their way through the cold ground towards the sunlight.


Bolero: handmade by me
Bag: handmade by me
Lacey ankle socks: H&M
Shoes: Bodyline
I really, really, really don't like wearing Lolita in summer. It's just too hot to wear a blouse or long socks. So please forgive me for this outfit being rather inspired than truly Lolita.
To give it a fresh look, I coordinated the jsk with lots of pink. The bolero and the socks are actually of the same colour, a really light pink. The bag is flashier, but I adore the chocolate print. (^.-)

I didn't include lots of accessoires or any headwear, because I often add these after I got dressed and depending on my mood. I also noticed I don't really have a lot of headdresses that go with these outfits, so I'd probably make a nice braided hairstyle or something.

I hope you enjoyed this post! These lovely blogging Lolitas are also paticipating:


  1. Bei mir ist es genau das Gegenteil, ich finde Sommer viel besser als Winter xD Im Winter brauch ich eine Mütze damit mir warm genug ist, und Handschuhe, da kann ich leider nicht so viele Accessoires anziehen. Und Fotos machen kann man auch nicht so gut, es ist zu kalt und irgendwer muss immer den Mantel halten... ^^'

    1. Ja, das stimmt schon... aber Sommer ist für mich einfach zu warm ^^

  2. Antworten
    1. Thank you! <3 I noticed it was a bit too much brown with the blouse, so I tried to add more creams, I'm glad you like it =)

  3. I like your Winter look the best. The cardigan is so cute!!

  4. I love these coordinates! I especially love all the argyle in the autumn one!

  5. I love love love your winter coordinate! It looks like it could be used for both a lolita and cute non-lolita outfit. I'm also impressed that you used all items that you have.

    1. Thank you so much! Haha yes I have way too many clothes ^^

  6. Ahh such a pretty dress <3 My favorite is the winter outfit, I just love how creams and browns look together!

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