Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna

Hi dolls!

I'm back from my holidays (^.^) I had such a great time, and since I assume you're most curious about the tea party, I'll start right with the report of it, ok? It's going to be a long post, so prepare youselves (best get a cup of tea (^.-) ).

I arrived in Vienna on friday. I had booked a room in a small pension which I shared with Agatha, a fellow Lolita from Zurich. This was very convenient, we had a great time and I was glad I knew at least one person at the tea party (too many people in one place tend to scare me a little).
However, Agatha would not arrive until late at night, so I went for a little sightseeing in Vienna. In the evening, there was also a Lolita KompleX concert, which I wanted to see. There weren't many people at the concert, but it was very funny; maybe ten Lolitas, dancing in the front, and 20-30 people in the back standing around (^.^). It was very nice seeing Duplica again and meet Michalea from the UK and the other Lolitas from Austria.

My outfit and hairdo for the concert, quite casual

The tea party on saturday would start at 2p.m., so I had plenty of time to get ready. I already postet a preview of my outfit, but just for the record, that's what I looked like before I left:

no shoes yet

The tea party took place in a very beautiful hotel. I think it suited the occasion extremely well, especially the Innocent World spirit.
And all these beautiful Lolitas everywhere! I've never been to such a big Lolita event before, and it was so inspiring to admire all these perfectly dressed girls (I suddenly felt kind of poorly dressed (>.<) ). We were greeted very friendly by Duplica and Nana, got a goodie bag and a drink.

That's what was inside the goodie bag:

Everyone got a pair of IW socks (so amazing!), a programme (on the upper right corner), a cute ichigo ring by kawaii companions and all these flyers!
There were also some shop booths, including the one from Innocent World. Sadly, the IW booth was almost empty when I arrived, since the VIP guests could enter one hour earlier.

Ms Fujiwara and her assistant

While only the first drink was for free, there was a buffet during the whole afternoon. The food was so delicious! They had typical Austrian sweets, like Apfelstrudel, Kaiserschmarren and Sacherwürfel, but also salty snacks like mini-sandwiches, which I found very thoughtful.

Then, there was already the first highlight: The Innocent World fashion show. Before I start rambling about the breathtaking dresses, better watch the video (^.^) it's really worth it!

Dagmar moderated the fashion show, which she did very well. Aren't the dresses amazing? It's such a big honour they showed also new dresses no one ever saw before (and sold them afterwards!). I couldn't telly which one was my favourite. I also loved how the show was choreographed, everything so graceful and dedicated.
After a short break (everyone rushed to the IW booth to wait for the fashion show dresses xD), Lolita KompleX gave a little unplugged concert. Such a cute idea, I enjoyed the music.

After another short break, the Q&A with Innocent World designer Yumi Fujiwara was held. It was very interesting to listen, and I like how the audience reacted to some answers, for example when she was asked if there's an age limit to wearing Lolita, she answered that in her opinion not, but that in order to wear lolita you should try to stay pure and beautiful at heart, everyone was like "awww". She also said that she likes to wear the dresses she designs herself, that she never forgets anything she created (even the tiniest bow), that she's been to Europe before, but likes Vienna the most and would like to come back (everyone applauded) and so on.
You can read the whole interview here (in German, although)

Then, there was the raffle and contest winner announcement. I didn't get a ticket for the raffle, as they had only as many as there were prices, but I think everyone was really looking forward to the best dressed award, for which Ms Fujiwara herself picked the winners.

Second, first and third place from left to right
The choice was quite surprising, you can see she prefers simple, fresh designs. The winners were so happy, apparently the girl who won was the very first time ever on a Lolita event, she was so touched she almost cried (*.*)
Then there was also a group picture taken, which took a while until everyone had her place, but in the end everyone is on the picture, quite impressing.

And then the tea party was already over! Time went by so fast, it was so well-organized. I'd like to thank the whole team who organized the party, they invested many months of hard work which really payed off. It was an amazing experience, to meet all these beautiful girls. Thank you!
For the pictures, the ones that are not mine are from the following sources (by the way, I recomed to see them through)
M.E. Photography


  1. Du sahst so hübsch aus!
    Schade, dass wir nicht mehr Zeit hatten uns zu unterhalten:/
    Und Foto hab´ ich auch keines mit dir :(
    Man merkte dir dein Unbehagen bei den vielen Leuten etwas an^^

    1. Danke schön, du aber auch! <3
      Ja, tut mir Leid, die Zeit ging sooo schnell rum^^ und ich war ganz beschäftigt, die ganzen Mädel anzuschauen xD aber wir treffen uns sicher mal wieder :)

  2. Den Inhalt der Goodie Bags zu sehen, nachdem ich die 5-6 stunden lang eingepackt habe ist irgendwie lustig hahaha* (PS ich bins Dani)

    1. Ich hab mich jedenfalls sehr über den Inhalt gefreut ^^ <3

  3. Du sahst toll aus :) Werd dir gleich mal followen <3 Würd mich über einen rückbesuch freuen :D

    Ich find deinen Ring ganz toll! Und wie bekommst du deine Haarbommel so perfekt hin? Super süß!

    1. Ui, danke schön ^^ dein Blog ist auch toll!
      Für die Haarbommel toupiere ich die Haare, dreh sie dann leicht ein und wickle sie um das Haargummi. Hält super, braucht etwas Übung ^^

  4. Schön, dass es dir so gut gefallen hat! <3 Dein Post ist wirklich lieb, es ist echt toll zu sehen dass die Arbeit sich so ausgezahlt hat und die Leute so zufrieden waren :)
    (Großes Danke auch für das Moderations-Lob :D -- und die Choreographie ist mit sehr viel Input von den Models entstanden, da muss man die Mädls wirklich loben! <3)