Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

Songs For Liam

Hi cuties,

tomorrow, I'll go on a little interrail journey, starting in Frankfurt am Main and ending in Vienna (the tea party! Omg! xD), so this will be the last post for the next ten days.
We had a Lolita meet-up last Saturday, but because I didn't get all the photos yet (you probably know the dilemma...), I'll write about this when I'm back home.

However, there's something else I wanted to share. Last week, me and the beautiful Aya, who is visiting her old home, went to St.Gallen, to the texile museum and the fabric store of Bischoff Texil, to buy lace. Yes, this is almost exactly the same we did at the meet-up in April (my Birthday, maybe you remember?).

But it was really worth it. At the textile museum, they had an exhibition called "world in boxes". It featured several collections, of costumes from the theater fund, of vintage designer clothes, of turn-of-the-century sewing utensils... so beautiful!

Picture source

And of course, we also took some pictures (^.^)
Coincidentally, we both wore something pink-brown-offwhite!

Aya, wearing a coord by Atelier Pinky

Outfit rundown:
Alice band: Claire's
Necklace: Sheinside
Fur collar & gaiters: handmade
Dress: Lost Garden
Belt: Tally Weijl
Shoes: Secondhand

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