Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

(Re-)Apprende Français

Bonjour Chéries,

I'm currently planning to go back to university in february and finish my studies, and in order to be finally fluent in french (such a beautiful language), I decided to attend a college in the french-speaking part of Switzerland.
And as a preparation, I'm re-learning French now. See, I had 8 years of French classes during my school career, so it's almost embarrassing to say that I'm nowhere near speaking it fluently. Reading is fine, but I just don't use it enough to be able to express myself. But I thought, hey, learning languages can actually be fun too!
So now I'm reading Harry Potter and watching The Addams Family, both in French.

I made also a new decoration for the kitchen table. Winter is approaching fast, and so is Advent. We had these three blue candles lying around at home, so I thought I'd build something nice around it. I love candles in the winter time!
But man, was it hard to find something to match! I like silver better with blue, but the whole Christmas decorations that are sold now seemed to be golden (>.<)
But I'm quite happy with the result:

Isn't the deer adorable?
Lately, I've been quite addicted to deer, stag, reindeer, moose, fawn... you know, these animals living in the woods, sometimes with antlers, sometimes with cute white dots. I couldn't tell all the differences between the various species, but I still love them!

Snow is coming! Can't wait!

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