Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2014


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Hi dolls,

I hope you all had a wonderful start into the year 2014! May all your wishes be fulfilled, may all your dreams come true and may all your goals be achieved!
I hope some of you will stay with me and my blog in the new year. I know, I haven't written a lot here for the past few months, but I'm planning to change that. I have already a lot of posts planned!

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
I personally like to take small resolutions regularly during the year rather than big ones once a year, on which you don't stick to anyways, but this year I do have one: No shopping!
Yes, I want to try not to shop for a whole year. This is going to be quite hard for me, since I loooove shopping, but there are several reasons that lead to this desicion. For example, I do have a lot of stuff already, and also I'd like to spend my money on other things.
To make this goal more realistic, the "forbidden list" includes mainly clothes, shoes, accessoires and jewellery, knick-knack and so on. It excludes, however, expenses for fabrics and sewing materials, travelling, concerts, body modifications (such as piercings and tattoos, I'd surely like to get one or two) and super rare items, like brand Lolita dresses from my wishlist or band shirts from concerts, they're always a nice memory (^.^).
I hope these guidelines will make it easier for me to actually stick to the plan.

Knowing that I can't shop in 2014, I naturally spent more in 2013 (I'll make another post about this). Human psychology works in funny ways sometimes.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to 2014, and I hope so are you!


  1. What a resolution! I keep my fingers crossed and hope you will be successful in realizing it. I do tell myself so often that I shouldn't buy new antique stuff/clothing/fabric/sweets and then I walk into one of my favourite shops "only to look around" and bam, all plans forgotten, money spent, stuff bought. So for me it would be a pretty tough resolution :-) (but one to keep in mind for next year, this year I plan to reduce my time spent in front of screens of all kinds, meaning tv and pc)

    1. aw thanks, good luck with your resolution too! I'll just try and minimize the seduction by not entering stores in the first place ^^