Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Lolita Wishlist

Hi dolls,

I know, I'm not supposed to spend money on clothes this year, but this does not apply to items from my Lolita wishlist, since some dresses are really hard to come by and if you have the chance to get a certain piece (second hand), you should take advantage of that.

So, just in case you were wondering:

Alice and the Pirates - Queen's Coat Bucket babydoll jsk in pink or cream, preferably with the bag and/or the bonnet

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale Chocolierre jsk in cream (yes, I already have this print, but in another style and colour)

Innocent World - Bambi jsk in cream (just too cute to only own it in one colourway)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Sweet Fawn Coat

Angelic Pretty - Milky Chan of the Fawn skirt, either the print or the appliqué version in pink or brown

Dear Celine - Summer Breeze bolero in white or lavender (maybe I'll sew them by myself if I find the fabric)

Angelic Pretty - Candy Treat skirt in lavender

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Queen of Snow / The White Kingdom From Which a Fairy Lands Gently Princess skirt in pink or lavender

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