Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Patchwork Quilt Pillow

Hi prettys,

once upon a time, I had the ambitious plan to hand-sew an English patchwork quilt as a bedcover, completely with matching pillows. I haven't worked on this project for a looong time, but I didn't forget about it.

The main quilt is still lying in my cupboard, not very quilted so far, but I managed to finish the pillows!

I hand-quilted the patchwork on white cotton fabric and then sewed pillow covers with them. For the back, I used a nice rose-themed fabric, I thought it would go well with the front design.

And since I was in the mood for sewing pillow covers anyways (and had to go to Ikea too), I made two more pillows. Deer-themed this time, since I'm currently quite obsessed with deer-like animals.

So my bed is really really cosy now. I love having so many pillows (^.^)


  1. I love how your quilt pillows are not rectangular. It's so much nicer to leave them as hexagons!

  2. Wahou, enfin ! :D C'est magnifique ! Je me souviendrai toujours lorsque tu avançais ton projet dans le train ! :D Les couleurs sont magnifiques !